Things To Do This Summer Part 2: Rainy Day Activities

It’s not as easy to keep kids entertained on rainy summer days. They don’t enjoy being cooped up inside the house all day long. Sure, they may enjoy watching a movie or playing a board game, but eventually they need a way to get that energy out. With all the recent rain, you and the kids have probably run out of fresh ideas to keep them occupied.  Here are some ideas to break kids out of their rainy day habits and have some awesome summer fun!

1. A great way that you can keep the kids busy and teach them about giving back is to help them bake

cookies or some other treat to bring to local firefighters or police. Not only will they have fun baking with you in the kitchen and seeing some local heroes, they’ll be brightening the days of some of their local heroes as well.

2. Another way to entertain the kids and keep them active on a rainy day is to send them on a quest around the house. Give them one clue or riddle to lead them on a search for the next clue that will then lead them to the next clue and so on. At the end have a small little prize for them to find like a special snack, dollar store toy or temporary tattoos. The kids will enjoy the searching as much as the treasure they find at the end.

3. Imagine That! Have kids make up their own activity or game using different household items. They can use things like rubber bands, blankets, tapes, spoons and boxes to create something brand new! This activity is part of a Play60 contest that will be going on until July 12. For more information about the contest click here.

4. Play charades. Have the kids pretend to be their favorite characters, animals and more and then have everyone else try to guess. This will cause a lot of giggles as well as get the kids thinking creatively.

5. A fun rainy day craft that is also a way to make a wonderful keepsake is to have kids make a plate. There are kits that you can buy on Amazon that come with plate templates. Give a template and some markers to each kid and let them have fun creating a custom piece of artwork. Once they’re finished, follow the instructions in the kit and send the templates out to be turned into plates. It may take a couple of weeks to get the finished product in the mail, but when you do, the kids will be happy to see their artwork on a plate that they can eat off of.

6. An easy to make treat for the kids that will bring nature inside, let them get hands on and is delicious to eat is a dirt cake. It takes just a few ingredients; chocolate pudding mix, any sort of chocolate cookie and gummy worms. Find a paper or plastic cup that is deep enough to act like a pot. Mix the chocolate pudding and let the kids dump their desired amount into their cups. Once they’ve got enough pudding let them crumble chocolate cookie crumbs over the top of their pudding. Give them a few gummy worms to garnish their “dirt” with and then let them enjoy!

7. Next time you’re at your local supermarket ask if they have any giant boxes that they’re done with. If they do, you can keep it around the house until a rainy day arrives and then let the kids decorate it as they please. The box can suddenly become a castle, ship, car or space shuttle! The kids will have a homemade set to let their imagination soar and keep them occupied all day.

For some great places to take the kids for some indoor fun that aren’t the normal summer hotspots click here. For some more ideas of indoor activities to do with kids you can click here.

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