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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Math with Literacy

Math is a way of measuring, sequencing, patterning and exploring shapes, volume and size.  Math for young learners should not be complex and can be incorporated into their daily routines. Below are various books that help teach mathematics to children. There are also activities listed to connect math with the literature.   Fish Eyes:  A Book You Can…

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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Technology with Literacy

Technology is a way of doing.  It is about using tools, identifying problems, being inventive and making things work. Below are various books and activities to connect technology with literature!   Basher: Go! Go! Bobo Colors by Simon Basher Bouncy Bobo can’t sit still. He just has to bounce his way across the pages of this book, painting…

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boredom busters

Fun STEM Boredom Busters for Vacation Week

by Krissy Cannizzo, Education Coordinator As a parent of two boys under ten years, I am always looking for fun, hands-on, educational activities to keep them engaged during vacation weeks.  Here are five of our  low-cost boredom busters your kids will be sure to enjoy! #1 DIY Mystery Maker Kits These are brown lunch bags filled…

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Backyard Winter Fun!

“Did it snow?” The first words out of my daughter’s mouth in the morning when she’d heard there was a chance of snow the night before. “When can I go play in the snow?” Ever hear those words at your house? You can have so much winter fun outside!  After you’ve built the snowman, scourer…

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Exploring Music

Exploring Music Helps Kids Learn

There is no greater joy for me as a music educator than to see one of my students really “click” with an activity. Whether it be singing, playing with rhythm sticks, “acting out” music, or any of our other creative musical games, what I see in the eyes of my students in those moments is…

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Celebrating Robots

To wrap up mini-maker week at The Children’s Museum in Easton, innovator and designer Steve Norris was our special guest maker who helped us celebrate robots!   Steve brought three robots for the kids to interact with; Huey, Frank, and Butler-Bot. Huey: Color chasing robot Butler-Bot: robot made from a trashcan Frank: Face-detecting robot Huey is…

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How to Stay Active and Healthy in the Summer Time

Summertime is the best time to start becoming more physically active. With all the extra time your child has its important to make sure they have fun during summer vacation but also that they stay happy, active and healthy. Here are some ways to stay active and healthy in the summer: Keep them Hydrated: It’s…

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Curious Creatures

This past Friday there were animals, feathered, scaled and fluffy at the Museum courtesy of Curious Creatures.  Not only did visitors have the chance to see the animals and learn about them, but they also had a chance to pet the animals as well.  Some of the many awesome animals that were at the Museum…

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