Ongoing On-Site Programs

Tuesday 10am - 11am

Tuesday Studio

Roll up your sleeves, toss on a smock and get ready to create! We'll use different mediums and processes to create art, some of which may be used in larger collaborative pieces that will hang at the Museum.

Wednesday 10am - 10:45am

Exploring Music

Music Educator extraordinaire Kerry Campbell teaches a fun, interactive class to toddlers and preschoolers centered around singing, playing, and learning. This popular program introduces preschoolers to various styles of music through singing, rhythm-making and dramatic interpretation.

Thursdays 10am - 10:45am

Thursday Try It!

Go ahead and try it! It's a great mantra and one we are embracing each week.  You'll be surprised each week by what is presented but we're certain you'll want to jump right in and try it!

Fridays 10am - 11am

S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Build your preschooler's brain with hands-on S.T.E.A.M. activities! Look for all new programming that is designed for youngsters to question, predict, and test their theories.

Customizable & Off-Site Programs

CME 360

Customizable program options for children preschool age through grade 3. Themes include Fossils, Light/Sound Waves, Circuits and More! Each program is 1-hour long and includes materials kits for up to 25 students (additional kits can be purchased).