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This past Friday there were animals, feathered, scaled and fluffy at the Museum courtesy of Curious CreaturesNot only did visitors have the chance to see the animals and learn about them, but they also had a chance to pet the animals as well.  Some of the many awesome animals that were at the Museum were a skunk, boa constrictor, chinchilla, bearded dragons and a flying squirrel.  Everyone in the audience had a chance to touch the animals during the show as well as the chance to spend time with some of the animals after the show as well.  The children helped hold up the boa constrictor, played with a fluffy bunny and provided a perch for the parrot.
Animals from every continent but Antarctica were present at the Museum on Friday.

  • Macaw’s (parrot) can be found in South America.
  • Flying Squirrels can be found in North and Central America.
  • Alligator’s can be found in North America and China.
  • Chinchilla’s can be found in the Andes mountains in Peru and Chile.
  • Bearded Dragons can be found in central Australia.
  • Boa Constrictors can be found in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
  • Scorpions can be found on every continent besides Antarctica but are not native to the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
  • Tarantula’s can be found in the U.S., Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia and lower Asia.
  • Tropical frogs can be found in Central and South America.
  • Bunnies can be found in Southwestern Europe, Southeast Asial Africa, South America, Japan, Sumatra and in your own backyard.
  • Tortoise’s, Skunks and King Snakes can all be found in North America.

There was a lot of fun and educational information in the show on Friday.  In case you missed the event, here are some of the many fun facts that we learned about the many different animals present.

  • A parrot’s jaw is so strong that it can break a human finger and crack open the hardest nuts.
  • Parrot’s lose feathers every day.
  • Blue and gold Macaws from South America are as smart as a 3 year old. 
  • Bearded Dragon’s are shades of yellow and tan to camouflage themselves in their habitat, the desert.
  • Bearded Dragon’s have no teeth and spike up when they feel threatened.
  • Aside from crocodiles, alligators have the strongest jaws of any animal.
  • Despite how hard a tortoise shell might seem, a jaguar can bite through it.
  • Tortoise shells grow in rings from the cracks on their shells.
  •  Skunks dig in the dirt for bugs to eat; the more bugs they eat the stinkier they get.
  • After a skunk sprays it can’t spray for a week.

Is your child curious about lots of different creatures?  If they are, don’t be afraid to encourage their love for animals.  Share these fun facts with them, take them out to explore at the zoo or on a farm and take them to the library to find books that can teach them more about their favorite animals.

For some more photos from Curious Creatures you can check out the slideshow below.

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