Space Station

Blast off to space in our rocket ship and command center. Put on your astronaut suit and be transported to the cosmos.  Learn about our galaxy, the planets and the solar system. Let your imagination take you away as you explore the limits of outer space.

Steam Lab


Ignite your child’s curiosity with the Flight Lab and loads of loose parts as they discover the laws of motion and the properties of wind, flight and gravity.  Our STEAM  exhibit encourages innovative thinking and skills. 

Maker Space


Come invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. The playful atmosphere allows learning to unfold and builds understanding of science, technology, engineering, arts, math!


The Hospital

Learn about our first responders and community helpers - firemen, EMT's, doctors, nurses, and veterinarians - in our fully equipped hospital exhibit. Examine a broken bone, take care of newborn babies or bandage up the family pet.  Just another day in the life of our do-gooders!


Dinosaur Den

Explore the Dinosaur Den with rock specimens, study slides of insects, snake skin, plant life under the Wentzscope, and touch real fossil tracks that are 200 million years old.

Sunken Ship

Sunken Ship

Come explore what happens under the seven seas!  Sing with the mermaids, play drums with the octopus, catch lobsters for lunch or search for treasure.

Wild Place

The Wild Place

In our certified Nature Explore Outdoor Learning Center, kids can learn about insects in the Butterfly Garden, uncover dinosaur bones in the Fossil Pit, harmonize with musical flowers, take a pic with Rising, the elephant, or cook in the dirt kitchen.  Remember what childhood was like for you? We do! Let the "Wild Place" take your kids back to a simpler childhood!



Buy your tickets for the brand new and fabulous Broadway show starring YOU! Create your own show or play with plenty of backdrops and props for a Tony Award-winning performance.

Twilight Room

Twilight Room

Come explore the properties of light and color in our newest exhibit!  Its a quiet place to soothe and calm with our sensory-friendly Marvelous Marble Wall.  Relax and explore shapes and patterns with the Light Lab  You'll never want to go out in the sun again!

Golfball Raceway

Golfball Raceway

Giggles abound as visitors learn about velocity and gravity on the Golfball Raceway.  This longtime favorite is fun for kids and grown ups alike.

Climb the Fireman Pole

Fireman Pole

Celebrate the Museum's Fire Station history with a climb up our original fireman's pole. Museum legend is that anyway who makes it to the top will have a very lucky day!

Art Gallery

Galleries A & B

Also known as the restroom, we will be displaying beautiful pieces of art and cool creations made by kids in the Museum so visitors have plenty to inspire them during your thorough hand washing. What will you create to share?