CME 360

Each child receives a kit with everything they'll need for the chosen activity.

  • Programs are $300 for one hour and for 25 participants
  • Some programs require an additional fee for kits which include take home materials
  • Have more than 25 participants? Up to 5 additional kits can be purchased
  • Consecutive programs (held the same day) are discounted
  • All programs meet the MA EEC and the DESE Curriculum Frameworks for science and align with QRIS standards
  • Each child receives a free pass to visit CME (a $12 value)

Program Options

Fossil Discoveries

Identify, compare & explore. As Junior paleontologists, children will excavate fossils & engage in discussions about various extinction theories while learning fun facts about these creatures that once roamed the earth. They will also be able to take home their excavated fossil! Program includes 25 kits.

Please add $2 per child for the excavation kits.


Explore the concept of prototypes and ways to generate possible solutions to design challenges. Assorted items are provided so that each child can create their own automated doodling machine to take home! Please add $1 per child for take home materials.

Can be adapted for Grades 1-3
Includes 25 kits. Additional kits are $3 per child.

Fun with S.T.E.A.M

Calling all future scientists, engineers, artists and mathematicians! Test theories and predictions through a compilation of some of our favorite S.T.E.A.M experiments. Learn to ask questions, define problems, construct explanations and design solutions while having fun!

Can be adapted for PS-Grade 3
Includes 25 kits. Additional kits are $3 per child

Squishy Circuits

Explore circuitry, complete paths, and learn how to create a flowing circuit. Junior scientists will be introduced to the concept of electricity by using conductive and insulating dough, LED lights and 9V batteries, all of which they will be able to take home. Please add $2 per child for the take-home materials.

Can be adapted for PS-Grade 3
Includes 25 kits. Additional kits are $4 per child

Structures & Foundations

Structures, motion and stability, design and construction. Get excited about the fundamental principles of engineering and physics. Experiment with a range of different materials and explore how simple machines can help with construction.

Can be adapted for PS - Grade 3. Includes 25 kits. Additional kits are $3 per child.

Waves, Sound & Light

Explore with vibrations, absorption and variables in our science experiments. Discover different aspects of light waves and how they are affected by objects like mirrors. See, hear and feel how sound can be transferred and have fun with color by making a classic childhood toy!

Customizable Programs

CME 360 programs can be customized to fit your needs. Email for more information and options.