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5 Classic Movies to Watch with Your Kids

Classic Movies to Watch with Your Kids Rainy day? Snowy day? Friday movie night? It’s time to put away the video games and take a trip back in time with a classic motion picture. Remember that movie you used to watch at Grandma’s house? Or the one your dad used to rave about, but you never understood…

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Summer Social Skills

Summer is a wonderful time to help children develop the social skills necessary to grow into confident adults. Social skills help us interact with others in positive ways. Non-verbal cues make up around 85% of what we communicate to each other. Our mind, body, and language work together to create interactions with others. Evaluation Sociability…

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Prevent the Summer Slide

Prevent the Summer Slide No school, the main reason why kids love summer.  To kids no school means all fun and no learning.  As a result, kids often lag trying to get back in the swing of learning when they return to school in the fall.  The last thing that kids want to do during…

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boredom busters

Fun STEM Boredom Busters for Vacation Week

by Krissy Cannizzo, Education Coordinator As a parent of two boys under ten years, I am always looking for fun, hands-on, educational activities to keep them engaged during vacation weeks.  Here are five of our  low-cost boredom busters your kids will be sure to enjoy! #1 DIY Mystery Maker Kits These are brown lunch bags filled…

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Backyard Winter Fun!

“Did it snow?” The first words out of my daughter’s mouth in the morning when she’d heard there was a chance of snow the night before. “When can I go play in the snow?” Ever hear those words at your house? You can have so much winter fun outside!  After you’ve built the snowman, scourer…

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Exploring Music

Exploring Music Helps Kids Learn

There is no greater joy for me as a music educator than to see one of my students really “click” with an activity. Whether it be singing, playing with rhythm sticks, “acting out” music, or any of our other creative musical games, what I see in the eyes of my students in those moments is…

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Kids Holiday Shop Elf

Trim the Holidays, Not the Fun!

The Holiday season often revolves around our traditions and the belief systems they revolve around. This season is also a time for family, friends and feeling good! As with most things, we need to get the good with the bad when it comes to celebrating during the Holidays. Happiness is quickly spread during this time of…

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Magical Memories

During December and January, the Children’s Museum in Easton will celebrate the holiday season and the importance of providing good help to those in need. The Museum’s Magical Memories is a series of holiday-themed events that help those in need and raise awareness for how children and families can give back to the community. On December 5th…

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Curing the Holiday Gimmies

The holidays are fast approaching and “to-do” lists are reaching new lengths. During the busiest time of the year, it becomes even more important to take a deep breath and a step back. Think about what is most important to you. Is it conserving time, making memories or getting your child the new “it” toy?…

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How To Build Self Esteem in Children

As individuals, we often strive to master the balance between nourishment and exercise, and as parents, we are forever trying to teach our children what it means to live a truly balanced life. However, with unlimited societal pressures to be thin, children are no longer listening to their bodies’ need for satiation, but rather are…

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