Top Ten Reasons to Support CME!

Why you should support the Children’s Museum Easton

  • 1

    Play has a Purpose

    Play is a fundamental building block in child development, especially age appropriate, active play like we offer at CME. When children play at CME, they are working on the social-emotional, cognitive, language and self-control skills that are critical for healthy development. so, you see playing is fun, but it is so much more.

  • 2

    We’re Giving Too

    Our virtual and mobile learning program, CME 360 brings fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate learning to local schools, libraries, and community agencies. Your support ensures we can keep CME affordable and even allows us to offer free programs to under-funded school systems and under-resourced communities.

  • 3

    We’re Keeping it Fresh

    Each year we update, refresh, and add to our exhibits and activities at CME in order to offer our members and visitors a unique experience each time they visit. We have more exciting plans, but we need your support to make them a reality!

  • 4

    Giving Local Feels Good

    Local nonprofit organizations are vital sources of business, tourism, education, and culture. When you support CME you are supporting the greater community, neighbors, and friends which in turn makes you feel terrific.

  • 5

    We’re Targeted and Accessible

    When you give to CME you are investing in children and families not only in Easton, but in the surrounding communities. You ensure the thousands of visitors who walk through our doors each year have stimulating, accessible, hands-on early childhood learning experiences and that is truly unique.

  • 6

    Good Stewards of Our Donations

    Here at CME, more than 80% of all revenue is directed back to our programs and exhibits, meaning we have traditionally lower overhead than many nonprofits. We welcome more than 50,000 playing visitors annually, but more than 50% of our operating budget comes through charitable donations from friends like you.

  • 7

    Stimulating Plan + Purposeful Technology

    In a time when children are more comfortable using their parents’ tablet and smartphones, it’s vital to provide hands-on learning opportunities. CME’s exhibits and programs provide meaningful ways for parents and caregivers to engage with their child, have fun, and support their child’s development.

  • 8


    Whether you are baking a cake, building a block tower, or working in the garden, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are used in everyday activities. CME’s programs, such as Super Science Explorers, and exhibits are designed to engage children in STEM-based learning, which promotes problem solving, and creative analytical thinking. It’s so much fund, and children are leaning.

  • 9

    Sensory for All

    Our sensory friendly exhibits, like our Marble Wall, provide visual, tactile, and aural stimulation that benefits all visitors. It is especially beneficial for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other special needs. In addition to exhibits, we are committed to offering programs and events that offer an ASD-friendly environment for learning and play.

  • 10

    Art and Music — We Love STEAM, Too

    Daily MakerSpace projects, our collaborative Tuesday Art Studio, and Exploring Music help fill the expanding gap between the schools and art programs. These experiences provide children and adults with fun artistic challenges. Patterns in music help children find patterns in math, and music aids and refines listening skills. Art encourages children to think, trust their ideas, and create what is possible.

Thank you for considering CME in your charitable giving. We have big plans for the future and with you on our team, we are on our way!