Good Samaritan Medical Center Teddy Bear Clinic

Thank you Good Samaritan Medical Center

Even though the carefree days of summer feel long ago, we would like to give a big shout out to our 2018 Summer Extravaganza presenting sponsor Good Samaritan Medical Center for making this summer awesome!  Good Samaritan’s generous partnership allowed us to deliver another summer season of super fun and awesome educational programs! “At the…

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Patriots Place

CME at Patriot Place every Wednesday

Did you know that CME Educators are at Patriot Place every Wednesday from 11-12 having fun with STEM?  If you did, did you know that the location has recently changed to the Conference Room at Bass Pro Shop? Now you can have a full hour of hands-on learning with us then explore Bass Pro shops…

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characters and creations with fuller craft

New Program with Fuller Craft Museum!

We are so excited to announce that CME has teamed up with our good friends at the Fuller Craft Museum to offer a super fun new program idea for ages 18 months – 5 years old: Characters and Crafts. Each class will include an engaging and imaginative story time followed by a process-based arts and…

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5 Classic Movies to Watch with Your Kids

Classic Movies to Watch with Your Kids Rainy day? Snowy day? Friday movie night? It’s time to put away the video games and take a trip back in time with a classic motion picture. Remember that movie you used to watch at Grandma’s house? Or the one your dad used to rave about, but you never understood…

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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Math with Literacy

Math is a way of measuring, sequencing, patterning and exploring shapes, volume and size.  Math for young learners should not be complex and can be incorporated into their daily routines. Below are various books that help teach mathematics to children. There are also activities listed to connect math with the literature.   Fish Eyes:  A Book You Can…

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Summer Social Skills

Summer is a wonderful time to help children develop the social skills necessary to grow into confident adults. Social skills help us interact with others in positive ways. Non-verbal cues make up around 85% of what we communicate to each other. Our mind, body, and language work together to create interactions with others. Evaluation Sociability…

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Prevent the Summer Slide

Prevent the Summer Slide No school, the main reason why kids love summer.  To kids no school means all fun and no learning.  As a result, kids often lag trying to get back in the swing of learning when they return to school in the fall.  The last thing that kids want to do during…

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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Engineering with Literacy

Engineering is a way of doing.  It is about learning to solve problems, using various materials, designing, creating, and constructing things that work. Listed below are books and hands-on activities that will connect engineering with literature and help teach children how to solve problems. Freight Train by Donald Crews This story shows a freight train and…

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Fun and Easy Ways to Connect Science with Literacy

Science is a way of thinking.  It is observing, predicting and experimenting, forming a hypothesis, testing it through experiments then comparing the results with the predictions.  Typical science activities include comparing and contrasting natural materials like liquids and solids, blowing bubbles, and planting a garden. Below are books that discuss the environment and nature. Along with the…

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Ear infection

Ear Infection and its Impact on Speech and Language Development

Ear Infection and its impact on speech and language development By Karen A. Francioso-Howe, MS CCC You may not think of speech and language development as being related to health. In fact, there are many factors which can contribute to a child’s delayed speech and language development. One important health-related issue that affects many children…

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