April Vacation Discoveries

April Vacation week at The Children’s Museum in Easton was
full of fun and exciting discoveries! Each day a different Maker visited the
Museum and shared their talents and knowledge through hands-on activities. MakerSpace designs opportunities for young people to “think with their hands” by combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Investigating the way different tools work gives children a deeper understanding into a new world of possibilities! All week long, children had a blast exploring and uncovering new surprises while developing new insights.

The week kicked off on Monday with Weave a Piano lead by
textile artist Rhonda Fazio. Rhonda showed visitors how to make a God’s Eye
using sticks, wire and yarn. The beautiful pieces of woven art were then turned
into a piano by hooking them up to circuits! It was a magic creation that was
one of a kind.

In the morning on Tuesday, children made music with Maker
Chelsea Santos. Chelsea shared her music talent by showing kids how to play
different musical instruments like the drums and piano. It was a big hit! Then
in the afternoon, stained glass artist, Linda Paolucci showed visitors how she
creates her works of art by designing a beautiful butterfly. Linda let kids
spread their wings by teaching them how to make their own pieces of stained
glass. It was interesting to see just how much tools are needed to create her pieces.

Lights, camera, art! On Wednesday children got to create
gorgeous art work by drawing with light. Within the blink of an eye, children
could create a unique, one of kind drawing with their light stick. Maker Moria Flynn then joined us in the afternoon to teach us how to make jewelry. She even
showed us how she makes her own jewelry for her store in Boston. Kids could design two types of bracletes or use stamps to create their own piece of jewelery.

On Thursday, the possibilities were endless as we used play
dough and LED lights to create Squishy Circuits. Different works of art were
brought to life by lights by using a battery and some circuits. It was a dazzling day of creativity and innovation.

Friday was a busy day at the Museum
exploring robots. Throughout the day, kids could design and assemble a simple drawing robot with markers, a cup and
tape. With the press of a button, the robot would create its own drawing
by moving by itself! In the afternoon, Maker Steve Norris brought his robots to
the Museum for us to play with! Steve even brought his robot, RoboSteel who
appeared in the latest Transformer movie.

If you missed out on all the fun
during April Vacation, look out for special pop-up classes during May and June!
You can find out more information about the Mini Maker program by going to our
website. We had so much fun this April Vacation and we hope you did to! To find out more about the different Mini Makers that visited this week, look out for posts about them in this upcoming week! 
*Written by Nicole Brooks, Public Relations Intern

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