MakerSpace Program Pops into the Museum

Jewelry maker
Create jewelry with Maker,
Moria Flynn.

Plan, Make, Play!

The Children’s Museum in Easton has started a new and exciting MakerSpace program! MakerSpace gives
children of all ages a chance to “think with their hands” by combining Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). On their own, these fields make for an interesting, fun and rewarding exploration. When you mix them all together, children can express their ideas in a meaningful and exciting new way. Mentally and physically investigating the way different tools work gives children a deeper understanding into a new world of possibilities.
The MakerSpace program allows children to take on the role of designer, engineer and scientists so that children can choose for themselves which role they like best. When faced with challenges in STEAM, children receive a message
of competence and confidence. Engaging in the learning process with MakerSpace by actively stimulating the mind is a rewarding way for children to gain knowledge and have fun!
Create squishy circuits with play
dough and LED lights.
Children are naturally curious, playful and imaginative. MakerSpace allows these characteristics to flourish and for children to express themselves, while learning about the world around them. Fostering these skills also gives kids a chance to explore their own interests, opening up many different opportunities for the future. The experience children gain from designing and building has a large impact because it is hands-on. Making mistakes and asking questions along the way, helps make meaningful connections while developing new insights and understandings. Solving real world problems can help children find a career they will really love in the future!
Make music with Maker,
Chelsea Santos.
MakerSpace programs will be taking place at the Children’s Museum in Easton during April Vacation week from April 20th to the 24th. Meet all the special Makers who will be sharing their knowledge and talents through demonstrations and hands-on activities. Your
child will also take-part in a variety of projects from robots to textiles and circuits to jewelry making through demonstrations and hands-on learning. For a full schedule of events, check out our April Vacation Week page.
Draw with light to make fabulous
works of art!

If you are not able to visit us during April Vacation week, then keep your eyes open for MakerSpace pop-ups in May. A new program, MakerSpace Monday will also be starting soon. Look out for those dates going up on our calendar in the near future! MakerSpace page or call us at (508) 230-3789. We hope to see you there!

*Written by Nicole Brooks, Public Relations Intern
 To learn more about MakerSpace, check out our page at MakerSpace
or call us at (508) 230-3789. We hope to see you there!

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