These umbrellas made from paper plates is a great activity to complete at home that helps improve fine motor skills!

You’ll need: paper plate (or construction paper), blue beads, paint or markers, white yarn or string, glue, black marker, paint brushes and scissors


  1. Cut your paper plate in half and set one half aside that will be for the umbrella handle.
  2. On the flat end of your other paper plate piece, cut a reverse scallop pattern for the bottom of your umbrella.
  3. With the black marker, draw several lines from the top center of your umbrella, connecting each line to a point on the bottom of the umbrella. Then, outline the outside of the umbrella.
  4. Paint each section of the umbrella a different color and let the plate completely dry. If you do not have paint, you can color each section with markers.
  5. Take the paper half you set aside and cut out an umbrella handle shape. Glue it to the back bottom center of the umbrella.
  6. Cut 7 pieces of yarn, each 10 inches long and tie 4 or 5 beads onto each strand. Double knot the bottom of each strand.
  7. Flip over your umbrella and tape or glue each strand of beads to each bottom point of the umbrella. Flip the umbrella back over and your craft is complete!

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