Heart Tiger Craft

Make a friendly tiger out of heart shapes! This is a great activity for learning about symmetry.

You’ll need: orange, black and white construction paper, scissors, a black marker and glue


  1. Start by cutting 3 large hearts, 2 smaller hearts and a tail all out of orange construction paper. Cut one of the large hearts in half.
  2. Next, from your black construction paper, cut out 2 small hearts, 1 mini heart, 2 dots for eyes and 6 thin strips for whiskers.
  3. From the white paper, cut out half circles for the eyeballs.
  4. Glue the 2 big orange hearts upside down on top of each other. Put the half heart piece behind the right side of the hearts to look like the tiger’s back leg.
  5. Then, glue one end of the tail to the back of the leg.
  6. Glue your two black hearts on top of each of your smaller orange hearts. Once glued, turn the hearts upside down and glue each one to the back of the large hearts, next to each other. These are the tiger’s ears.
  7. On to the top orange heart, glue on your eyes, the mini black heart for a nose and the tiger’s whiskers.
  8. After all of the paper is dry, draw on black stripes on the tiger’s body and tail with your black marker.

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