Spring Fling Saturday

So finally it is here: Masters and Masterpieces starts tomorrow! Our spring fling tomorrow will kick it off with real bunnies and a magic show starring Bounce the Bunny and his assistant Awesome Robb. Country 102.5 visits as well. The whole week will be arts and crafts themed, and I will be working Wednesday and Friday mornings. So come down to the lowest level and make thaumatropes (A thaumatrope is an optical illusion toy. Hard to explain.) and other fun art projects. So the attractions and parking (from last weeks post. See below.) means you should definitely stop by.

The Bay State Parent blog is a cool site to see what’s going on in this area, and it has pro-Massachusetts articles such as, “Massachusetts is One of The Best States for Children,” which pleases me. They are having a contest for free tickets to the Children’s Museum in Easton (so we like them). Check it out!

My college (Stonehill) is having their own big spring weekend starting with a Third Eye Blind concert and a carnival. I’m pretty excited and I have had to wear an annoying 21+ wristband all week for the concert (if I take it off I void the wristband) so it’s about time.

Have a great Spring Weekend!

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