Don’t you hate driving into Boston sometimes? Both of my sisters live in the city and I find it very frustrating, not to mention trying to park. For April vacation week, going anywhere with your kids and trying to find a parking spot can be enraging. Unlike other museums (that won’t be mentioned), The Children’s Museum in Easton has FREE parking, both on and off the street. So along with Masters and Masterpieces, the parking should draw many to the museum this April vacation week.
Although the vacation week is our next event, I have to share some information for later this year that I am very excited about. Fellow intern Chris Cyburt acquired…

Image taken from Wikipedia

This time-honored classic will be making its way to the museum on the August 1st. So you better ketchup to it. Wow. I apologize for my stupid jokes.
So now that I mentioned who acquired the meat wagon, you’re all wondering, “What does Chris Cyburt look like!?” Well, he is the one intern that doesn’t seem to have had his picture taken. But don’t worry, because he’ll still be embarrassed. I found one on the internet:

Have a great weekend!

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