Shaving Cream Marbling

Shaving Cream Marbling is a super fun art activity that can lead to so many different colorful creations!

You’ll need: shaving cream (foamy not gel), liquid watercolors or food coloring, a shallow container like a pie pan, plastic droppers, watercolor paper or cardstock cut into halves, a ruler or other stick to scrape with


  1. Spray the shaving cream into the pan and smooth it out with a spatula (your hands or a spoon will work, too).
  2. Use a dropper to transfer liquid watercolors or food coloring to the surface of the shaving cream.
  3. Swirl the colors! You can use the tip of the dropper or a craft stick to swirl the colors around the shaving cream.
  4. Lay a piece of paper on the surface of the painted shaving cream. 
  5. Lift the paper off the shaving cream and use a ruler, piece of cardboard or other tool to scrape the shaving cream off the paper.
  6. Set the paper aside to dry and repeat this process with other pieces of paper to create a variety of prints! 

You can make several from this bit of shaving cream but if you’d like you add colors after you’ve made a few prints. If you want to start fresh, add a new layer of shaving cream and repeat the process.

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