Pumpkin Craft

Do you like to make silly looking pumpkins or really spooky ones? How about one of each? This is the perfect fall craft and is easy for your child to complete at home.


You’ll need: construction paper, scissors and glue




  1. Draw the outline of your pumpkin on orange construction paper and cut it out. You can make your pumpkin really big, super tall, or maybe you want to make a little pumpkin!
  2. Using green construction paper, trace and cut out the pumpkin’s stem.
  3. With black and white paper, draw and cut out the pumpkin’s eyes, mouth and teeth. You can make the eyes any size, and cut the teeth to be sharp and scary or make your pumpkin smile!
  4. Glue all of the pieces onto your pumpkin! You can also glue the pumpkin onto another sheet of paper as a background. Remember, you can use any color paper you have for a unique pumpkin, or draw the eyes and mouth onto the paper if you don’t have a variety of paper.

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