Healthy Halloween Treats

Who doesn’t love candy during the month of October? Kids love going through their candy bag after trick or treating to see what kinds of candy they got and if there’s plenty of their favorite. If you’re celebrating Halloween at home, we’ve got a few healthy Halloween themed treats your kids will enjoy (although maybe not as much as their favorite candy).


Pumpkins: Peel a clementine and place either a pea pod or piece of celery in its center to make a pumpkin snack!


Soldiers: For this snack, you’ll need containers of applesauce, boxes of raisins, Hershey kisses and juice boxes. Start with the feet-boxes of raisins! Lay them down and place the juice box vertically on top to act as the soldier’s body. On top of the juice box, place a container of applesauce upside down to act as the head. Plop a Hershey kiss on the very top for the hat!


Banana Ghosts: To make this treat, all you need are peeled bananas and chocolate chips! Cut a banana in half and use each end as the top of the ghost. Insert chocolate chips next to each other to act as eyes. Simple and tasty!


Mummy Milk: Wrap milk, or juice, cartons with toilet paper. Draw on a scary face with a marker.


Witches Broomsticks: For these brooms, you’ll need string cheese and either pretzel sticks or thin pieces of carrots and celery. Cut a piece of string cheese into thirds. On each piece, spread apart the cheese strands to make it look like the end of a broom. On the other end, insert either a pretzel, carrot or celery stick for the broom handle.


We hope you and the kiddos enjoy these Halloween themed snacks!

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