Tips for Creating a MakerSpace at Home

Has your child ever built the most magical creation in the CME MakerSpace? We have witnessed some super cool creativity in our visitors as they construct buildings, monsters, or maybe even build birdhouses with the array of materials. While we cannot open the MakerSpace at this time, we thought we’d share some tips for you to create your own MakerSpace at home!

  1. Create a designated space in your home, or set up a table that is meant for Makering. If you have wall space nearby, you could hang up some of your child’s previous crafts or art projects to get them in the imaginative spirit when they go to craft at their MakerSpace.
  2. Collect an assortment of materials for the MakerSpace. While you can go out and buy some items at the craft store, we encourage you to use recyclable materials you already would have at home! This would be items like finished  toilet paper or paper towel rolls, empty milk cartons, loose fabrics, tissue boxes or string. You’ll also need tape, paper, scissors and glue for your child to construct their super awesome projects.
  3. Keep a variety of materials visible when they go to reach for something to use. This will encourage them to try out different ideas and make each craft unique. If you have plenty of materials on hand, keep some stored away and switch out materials every so often. Each time your child returns to the MakerSpace, it’ll be a new place to create!
  4. Encourage your child to create their own object, whether it be a person, a bridge, a flower pot – whatever they imagine! Open-ended projects where the child chooses what and how they want to use an item in their creation greatly helps their creative development.
  5. Display the finished products! If your child does not want to take their completed project somewhere else to play, hang it up in the MakerSpace or encourage them to find a spot for the family to see it. They’ll be proud of their work and feel excited to create next time!

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