Shamrock Masks

If you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year, you’ll love making these shamrock masks to wear for the occasion!

You’ll need: green construction paper (or white paper with green paint), a stapler, green yarn or wool, pencils, scissors, glue and a paintbrush (if you are painting rather than using green paper)


  1. Draw the shape of a shamrock onto your green or white piece of paper. Make sure it is big enough that it will cover your child’s face when they wear it.
  2. Cut the shamrock out of the paper.
  3. On the shamrock, draw holes that you will cut out for your eyes. Try cutting them out in the shape of little shamrocks!
  4. Glue some green wool around the outside of the shamrock. If you are using white paper and green paint, paint your Shamrock and let it dry before adding the wool.
  5. Using a stapler, attach yarn to the sides of your mask so that you can wear it around your head, keeping it in place on your face. Your mask is ready to wear! Feel free to glue on glitter or other accessories to personalize your mask.

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