Shamrock Stamp

These shamrock stamps are super fun to make to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

You’ll need: a recycled toilet paper roll, construction paper (color of your choosing), Scotch tape, green paint and a paintbrush


  1. First, take your toilet paper roll and push it inwards so that it makes a heart shape. Put a piece of tape over the bend in the roll to hold the heart shape in place.
  2. Pour some green paint onto a plate and dip the edge of the roll into the paint.
  3. Stamp your heart shape onto your construction paper after dipping it into the paint. Make sure to push with extra pressure to ensure that the heart shape appears on the paper.
  4. Repeat this process two more times, turning your stamp so that you make a shamrock shape.
  5. Grab your paintbrush and fill in the leaves with your green paint and paint on a stem.

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