Pulled String Prints

Pulled string prints lead to such unique masterpieces because each way you pull the string will bring different results!

You’ll need: string, acrylic paint, a dish, a piece of paper


  1. Add some acrylic paint to your dish. You can use just one color or as many colors as you like.
  2. Next, for each color you have, cut a piece of string that’s about twice as long as your piece of paper.
  3. Lay each piece of string in the paint dish and make sure they get well covered.
  4. Fold your piece of paper in half and then open it. Then, take the strings out of the paint and put them on one side of the paper with the ends off the side.
  5. Now, fold the paper back over and smooth it out with your hands. Keep your hand on the folded paper to hold pressure and with your other hand, pull the strings by the ends out from the paper!
  6. Open up the folded paper to discover your pulled string masterpiece!

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