Fire Breathing Dragon

These fire breathing dragons are super fun to make and can be easily created at home!

You’ll need: 1 paper roll, scissors, a glue stick, a glue gun, green construction paper (or color of your choosing), 4 pom poms (two large and two small if possible), googly eyes, red and orange tissue paper


  1. Start by cutting your green construction paper so that it’s the exact length of the paper roll. The dragon does not have to be green if you have another color on hand or want to get even more creative!
  2. Use your glue stick to spread glue on one side of the paper. Line up the ends of the paper with the ends of the paper roll, and then wrap the paper around the roll until it’s completely covered.
  3. For this next step, you may need a glue gun instead of a glue stick. On the two large pom poms, glue one googly eye onto the center of each one. Then glue these pom poms to one end of the paper roll to be your dragon’s eyes.
  4. If you have two smaller pom poms, you can glue these to the other end of the paper roll as the dragon’s nostrils.
  5. Next, cut strips of red and orange tissue paper to make the fire. If you do not have these colors, you can color white tissue paper. Or you can let the imagination run wild with a new color of fire! The tissue paper strips should be 9-10 inches long.
  6. Use your glue stick to spread some glue onto one end of each piece of tissue paper and glue them to the inside of the paper roll on the end with the dragon’s nostrils. Glue pieces around the whole roll.
  7. Your dragon is complete! Take a deep breath and put your mouth on the end of the roll with the dragon’s eyes and breathe out!

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