Playful Penguins

These cute penguins are easy to make at home this winter!


You’ll need: a paper roll (toilet, paper towel, any size you have), black paper or paint, orange paper, scissors, glue, wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes



  1. First, either paint the paper roll black or cut a strip of black paper that’s as wide as the roll and wrap it around the whole roll to glue on.
  2. Cut a half oval shape out of white paper and cut two wings out of black paper. Using orange paper, cut out the penguin’s feet and beak.
  3. Once the black paint on the paper roll has dried or your black paper is glued on the whole roll, glue on the white oval of the penguin’s body with the straight edge lined with the bottom of the roll as it stands upright. If you have wiggly eye stickers, you can glue those on next towards the rounded top of the white oval. You could also glue googly eyes or draw eyes on if you don’t have stickers or googly eyes at home.
  4. Glue on the penguin’s beak and feet. You can glue the feet to the inside of the roll for them to show out the bottom.
  5. Glue on the penguin’s wings! Be sure to let the glue dry and then your penguin is ready to play!

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