Frost in a Can

Whether or not it’s snowing outside, you can conduct this science experiment anytime! Make your own frost in a can!


You’ll need: aluminum cans, salt, crushed ice and a play tray




  1. Fill your cans with crushed ice.
  2. Add a generous amount of salt into one can. Do not add salt to the other can to see how salt makes the frost form faster.
  3. Shake one can and see if that helps the frost form compared to the unshaken can.
  4. Let the cans sit for five minutes and your frost will have formed completely on the salted can!


The Science Behind It:


The salt helps the frost to form because it lowers the melting point of ice. This is also why we salt roads and sidewalks in the winter time to prevent slipping on ice! As the water vapor freezes, frost will form on the outside of the can. The aluminum can without any salt in it has a higher melting point that is above freezing, causing it to only form condensation and not frost.


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