Pinecone Winter Owls

These owls made from pinecones are so fun to craft and make for a perfect decoration!


You’ll need: pinecones, white, beige and orange felt, cotton balls, googly eyes, glue and scissors



  1. Tear up your cotton balls and stuff them in the pinecone. This will act as the feathers of the owl.
  2. We chose white, beige and orange felt colors to construct the owl’s wings, head and beak, but you can use any color felt you have available. Cut out a pair of wings in white felt. Using the beige felt, cut out a small as oval for the head. You can do the same with the white felt, making this oval smaller, with more of a heart shape to add to the face. Using the orange felt, cut out a small beak.
  3. Glue the beak to the bottom of the beige shape of the face, and then glue the white felt of the face on top of it. These two layers of felt help mimic the appearance of an owl’s face.
  4. Glue the googly eyes onto the face and then glue the whole face together to the top of the pinecone.
  5. Glue your wings onto the sides of the pinecone and your owl is complete!

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