Make this Halloween a Healthy and Affordable one!

Traditionally Halloween is about going trick-or-treating, gathering lots of candy, unhealthy snacks and dressing up as your favorite character! This year there are many new alternatives to making this fun-filled holiday a healthy and affordable one. By creating DIY costumes and eating these spooky, but scrumptious snacks this will be a holiday to remember!
Here are some costumes that are popular this year and affordable ways to make them at home: 

Disney’s Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen

This costume is going to be one of the most popular costumes out there this year! Here are two links that will make it simple and easy to transform your little princess into a popular Disney one!

If you are feeling more ambitious and have acquired the skill of sewing here’s a more advanced Elsa costume!

                  Olaf the snowman DIY costume for boys and girls!
Here’s a Frozen costume that can be for your little boy or girl! Who doesn’t love Olaf the Snowman? There’s many ways available to create an Olaf DIY costume just click on the links below!


Aside from the Frozen character costumes, there are so many other adorable and affordable ones out there. If you would prefer different ideas, here are a few more links to DIY costumes that are easy and simple to make at home! 

       Children’s Octopus Costume
Here’s a great costume that will have your child take the spotlight under the sea of on land and is probably one of the easiest costumes to make!
Although these are some great ideas to an award winning costume there are hundreds of other DIY ideas on Pintrest and other various sites throughout the web. 

Halloween Turned Healthy
With Halloween approaching quickly here are some healthy alternatives to the traditional candy and junk food usually associated with this candy filled holiday! 

Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail
Who doesn’t love a healthy candy corn snack that can satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth! Try this candy corn fruit cocktail and learn how to make it yourself here!

Edible Eyeballs
Set out a platter of these creepy peepers, and your party guests are bound to do a double take. Simply slice carrots into 1-inch-thick chunks, top each with a blob of cream cheese and one half of a black pitted olive, and they’re ready to serve. Find out how to make these delicious eyeballs. 
Find out how to make these delicious eyeballs here!
Carrot Pumpkin Platter
This may be one of the easiest and healthiest ways to celebrate the Halloween season! 

All you need are some mini carrots, a cucumber, black pitted olives, and small piece of broccoli. Arrange the carrots and other vegetables to look like a pumpkin and just put some dip on the side (for example your favorite salad dressing) and you’ll have a boo-tiful looking platter! 

With all of these fun DIY costumes and deliciously healthy snacks, this Halloween will be sure to be a memorable one! Don’t forget these safety tips while you are out enjoying this wonderful holiday: Always make sure to trick-or-treat in a group, wear colors that will stand out in the dark, carry a well lit flash light, and always know your surroundings. These are just a few tips to make sure this Halloween is a safe one. For a few more tips visit this website hereHave fun and be safe!

*Written by Ashley Depung, PR Intern

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