MA STEM WEEK: Magic Milk

Have you and your kiddos ever made magic milk? While we may never see the magic of witches flying on their brooms in the sky, we can make our own magic with this STEAM activity!
You’ll need: a bowl of milk, food coloring, dish soap and a Q-tip or toothpick
  1. First add food coloring to the bowl of milk. Watch how it stays in blobs right where it dropped into the milk.
  2. Dip your toothpick or Q-tip into some dish soap. Now use it to touch the food coloring.
  3. Watch the colors swirl around!
This activity helps kids to learn about surface tension. The food coloring initially remains on the surface, but adding the dish soap causes a chemical reaction that breaks the surface tension.
Sponsored by our official STEAM Education Partner, National Grid!

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