Tips for Remote Learning

Between remote learning, hybrid models or different learning environments, we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks to make this new type of learning an easier adjustment!


  1. Designate a space. By having your child use a specific desk or study in a certain room, they will enter the learning mindset as they do when they sit at their desk in a classroom. Help them organize their space in a way that helps them focus, and make sure they have all of the materials they need.
  2. Help them create a routine. What time do they need to be online with their teacher and classmates? What should they do to prepare for school each morning? Create a schedule of what they need to do throughout the day, including their breaks for lunch, snacks, or to get outside away from the computer screen.
  3. Stay nearby, but not too close. While parents get to help their child with assignments in home learning settings, if your child is given independence with their teacher and classmates, virtually, they will feel like they are handling their learning like they do in the classroom. But they are comforted knowing you’re in the next room when they need to ask for help.
  4. Display their work. Whether it be in their home learning space, or for the whole family to see, by displaying their assignments, your child will feel more confident in themselves and continue to succeed with remote learning.
  5. Fun and encouragement! Parents, give your child, and yourselves some words of encouragement to keep them motivated and reassure them that they are handling this new challenge like a rockstar.

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