Healthy Winter Living for the Whole Family Part 1: Eating Right

        This winter, don’t let the cold freeze your healthy way
of living! There are many simple ways to keep you and your family healthy
through this chilly season.
        One of the
best ways to save your money and improve your health is through home cooked
meals. While going out to eat sometimes seems like the
easier option, it is one of the top three causes of the increasing problem

child obesity. On a snowy winter day when you are stuck indoors, cooking
may not seem too bad. It can even be enjoyable if you find ways to get the
whole family involved in the process. It is the perfect time to talk about your
day and bond as a family overall. Here are some examples of meals to consider
cooking with your kids:

Busy nights are
unavoidable and we all have them sometimes, but that’s what quick and easy
recipes are for! There are still many options for you to cook when you are
short on time. You can also help yourself out by preparing the meal the night
before or the morning of, so you will have less to do in the small time frame
before everyone gets hungry for dinner.
likes something to snack on when they are stuck inside all day, but there are
ways to be smart and healthy about what you choose to eat. If you leave fruit
and vegetables within reach, they will seem like the simple choice of snack for
your family. It’s possible that you could even get your kids excited about
vegetables by teaching them about “the rainbow” that they should be eating
every day, which includes the various choices and colors of fruits and
vegetables available. Some popular vegetables among children include zucchini,
cucumbers, broccoli, red peppers, carrots, and celery. There are also many
healthy dips that they might enjoy, like ranch, black bean, and hummus.
One enjoyable and healthy snack requires:
-1 can garbanzo beans or chickpeas
-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
-1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon
 Blend these
ingredients together until it is smooth and creamy and serve it with fresh cut
vegetables immediately.
You can also keep your
children healthier through the choices you make at the grocery store. Instead
of choosing a juice full of sugar, maybe you can find one that tastes just as
good but is 100% juice with no added sugar. It can be hard to say no when your
child asks for a treat, but try to give them a healthier option and only say
yes to the treat once in a while. If you are able

to find a healthier option
that they enjoy eating, you may even see a difference in how often they ask for
the treat, meaning you will be forced to say no less often. It also helps if
you teach your children which snacks they should ask permission to have, like
cookies, and which ones they can take on their own, like fruit and vegetables. Click here to view the 20 best snacks for kids!

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