Hallo Freunde!

The Children’s Museum was stamping passports on Friday as families entered our German exhibit where they explored the enticing sights, sounds, and tastes of this beautiful European country. Our travel guide, Kati Matz, may have been in the United States for the past three years, but Trier (Germany’s oldest city) is the place she actually calls home.

Lucky for us, Kati was willing to teach us everything about her native land, starting with sweets! She says that the candies in the United States taste much different than what she’s used to. Germany is home to many famous candy companies such as:
Haribo – Gummie Bears
August Storck – Reisen & Werthers
Ritter Sport and Milka – Chocolates

When asking for candy, always remember to be polite!
Please – “Bitte” (bit-tuh)
Thank You – “Danke” (dahn-kuh)

Did you know that there’s no AM and PM in Germany? The German’s use what we call “military time,” which may very likely be displayed on their ever-so-popular Cuckoo Clock. The Black Forest Region of Germany is famous for making this type of clock. The children had a chance to make their own Cuckoo Clock with forest motifs such as branches, leaves, and forest animals.

Let’s count to 12 in German!
1 – eins
2 – zwei
3 – drei
4 – vier
5 – fünf
6 – sechs
7 – sieben
8 – acht
9 – neun
10 – zehn
11 – elf
12 – zwölf

Did you know that Germany is famous for its many castles spread throughout the country? The kids were challenged to build their very own castle, using paper cups. We also challenged them to build a tower to resemble Fernsehturm, the television tower in Berlin that is the second tallest structure in Europe. It has two elevators a viewing platform and a café. You can spot it by its giant television antenna, which helps it stand at 1,197 ft. tall!

Did you know that Albert Einstein is a native of Germany? He was born in Ulm, Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. This famous scientist enjoyed building structures and towers using blocks and playing cards, just like we did! He once constructed a 14-story tower of cards! It’s no wonder he was known for being patient and taking his time.

Remember to bring your special passport on our next adventure at the Children’s Museum. We’ll be exploring a new country every month and we want YOU to be a part of it! Visit our website for more information on traveling Around the World.

-Kerri, PR Intern

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