Gardening for Beginners, By a Beginner – Part 3

I hope you stopped by the Museum yesterday for the Spring Fling, and celebrated the opening of our outdoor learning center…The Wild Place! It was a beautiful day of nature and green fun!

So here it is, the final part of “Gardening for Beginners, By a Beginner.” It has been four weeks and all of my plants have sprouted! I tried my luck with four different seeds: pea plants, basil, lime basil, and parsley. I think I might actually have a green thumb, and may have found a new hobby. Either way, I can’t wait to make homemade hummus and try some new recipes with my homegrown herbs.

Now as the weather gets nicer, we can finally move our plants outdoors from their spot on the windowsill for some fresh air and sunlight. It is important to slowly get our plants used to a different climate by exposing them to small amounts at a time.

As with any other living thing, plants need room to grow, so the time has also come to transfer them to a bigger container. Same as before, you can buy and design your own pot or rinse and re-use to really get creative.

For a fun project to do with your little gardener, buy or use an old beach pail. Put rocks in the bottom for drainage again, add more soil, and then your plant sprouts. Beach pails or buckets with a handle are convenient and easy to transport for different sunlight exposure.

And since we live in New England, and there is still a chance of frost until about mid May, we won’t be able to plant outside right away. But, that doesn’t mean our plants can’t soak up some sun during the day and go back to their home inside at night until it is warm enough. You may choose to plant them outside in a garden with your kids or try different seeds as it gets warmer.

Take the chance to admire and enjoy what you have created from just a little seedling, you’ve earned it!

-Jennifer Nash
Public Relations and Development Intern, Childrens Museum Easton

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