Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Craft

Did you know that tomorrow is Dr. Seuss Day or Read Across America Day to celebrate and honor the beloved children’s author’s birthday? Let’s celebrate by making the Cat in the Hat craft!

You’ll need: cardstock, markers, an empty cereal box, paint brush, scissors, school glue, a hot glue gun and a circle shape


  1. Start by cutting your cereal box and trace a circle on the cardboard side of the cereal box. Cut out the circle for the brim of your hat.
  2. Next, make your hat crown! Take the other side of the cereal box and fold it over, using hot glue to hold it in place. For a smooth surface to paint, use the cardboard side on the outside for your hat.
  3. To create the red stripes, cut strips of red cardstock. You might cut them with a bit of a zig zag to add to the Cat in the Hat look!
  4. Draw black lines on the stripes to give a shadow look.
  5. After putting the crown together and the brim cut out, paint the entire hat white and let it dry completely.
  6. Glue on the red stripes! Add a bit of school glue to each end of the strips to place them on the hat.
  7. Glue one end of the hat crown to the brim and let it dry completely.
  8. Add some more shadow lines to the brim of the hat and the Cat in the Hat’s hat is complete!

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