Four Season Trees

This craft is a great way to teach your children about the changing of seasons as you decorate a tree to represent each one!

You’ll need: cardstock paper (blue or a color of your choosing), cotton balls, two toilet paper rolls, construction paper, glue, scissors, paint and paintbrushes and a snowflake punch (optional)


  1. Start by creating your trees by cutting each toilet paper roll in half, vertically. On four separate pieces of blue cardstock, glue the edges of the rolls to the center bottom of each paper to create your trunks.
  2. On the top of each roll, glue a handful of cotton balls to make the top of your trees.
  3. To make your Spring tree, paint the cotton balls an array of green and pink paint. Then, cut two strips of green paper to glue to the bottom of the paper to make your grass. Trace and cut out clouds from white paper to add to your sky!
  4. For the Summer tree, paint the cotton balls green. Just as you did for the Spring tree, cut strips of green paper to add grass to your craft. Then, make for a sunny summer by cutting out a sun from yellow paper to add to the sky.
  5. Use an assortment of green, yellow and orange paints to make your Fall tree. Add grass to the bottom of the paper. Using black paper, cut out flying birds to glue soaring above the tree.
  6. Lastly, for the Winter tree, if you have a snowflake punch, you can cut out snowflakes to add to the sky. Otherwise, you can hand cut or draw them on the page in blue. You could even glue cotton balls to the bottom of the page to put snow on the ground!

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