Cotton Wool Lambs

These adorable lambs are easy to make at home and are the perfect activity as Spring nears!

You’ll need: white or colored cardstock, cotton wool, scissors, a glue and pen


  1. Fold your paper horizontally. Then, trace and cut out the shape of the lamb’s body. Start by outlining a trapezoid for the main body and then draw on the legs and tail.
  2. Cut out the body. The fold in the paper will be the lamb’s back.
  3. From the remaining paper, cut out two circles to make the lamb’s face. Glue the two pieces together, and then glue it to the body, placing the bottom left corner of the head over the top right corner of the body.
  4. Use your pen to draw on the lamb’s eyes, ears and smile.
  5. Now it’s time to make your lamb wooly! Glue cotton balls to both sides of the body for your fluffy lamb.

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