Arful Endeavors


You’ll need:

  • an old magazine or calendar
  • pipe cleaners

1. You will need 2 squares, one 4″ and one 5″ for each butterfly you want to make.

2. Starting at one corner, accordion-fold the squares on the diagonal. Folds should be about 1/4″ wide.

3. Then, pinch the center of each folded square to make it look like wings. Take a pipe cleaner and bend it in half to create a small loop.

4. Above the loop, stack the 2 wings in a butterfly shape. The larger set of wings should be on the top, the smaller set on the bottom. Twist above and below the wings to secure them in place.

5. Twirl the tips to make antennas. Tie a piece of yarn to the abdomen so they can hang.

This is a great way to introduce the idea of reusing materials. Encourage your child to make a colorful flock of flutterbies; tape them to a wall or suspend them from the ceiling with fishing line.

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