Music is everywhere

At a recent class in a local elementary school, I taught the kids how to make music with household objects and one precious, wide-eyed little girl exclaimed, “Well then, music is really EVERYWHERE then, isn’t it?”

I smiled as I thought of how her shifted perspective might bear fruit in the coming days. Maybe she’d make elbow macaroni maracas or a whole drum set out of her kitchen pots and pans. Maybe she’d hear music in the winter wind or in the sound of her own boots splashing in puddles of rain water. Either way, her response reflected my own philosophy: music is for exploring. That’s why every Exploring Music class contains five elements, varied activities meant to encourage a life-long love of music.

  1. Singing – In each class, we do a good amount of singing because our voices are the only instruments we carry with us everywhere we go! We sing easy-to-learn tunes from around the world and songs meant to train and stretch little voices.
  2. Rhythm Games-We use props such as rhythm sticks, scarves, (and even our hands and feet!) to find and keep the beat.
  3. Learning– We expose children to music basics such as ‘tempo’ and ‘pitch’ in fun, engaging ways. Kids learn best when they’re playing!
  4. Pretending– We use music as a backdrop to many imaginary adventures. We’ll take a boat ride or a walk through the forest.pretend to be flowers or trees, fish or horses..all while never leaving the room!
  5. Movement– We’ll dance, shake, gallop, and stomp our way through a variety of music including jazz, classical, and even opera! Music is meant to be enjoyed and movement is a big part of that enjoyment.

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