Winter Snow Globe

Design your own colorful and unique winter snow globe with chalk pastels!

You’ll need: black pastel or scrapbook paper, chalk pastels, colorful cardstock, clear contact paper and a pencil


  1. On the black paper, use a pencil to draw and cut out the round shape for the globe portion of your snow globe.
  2. Next, on a colorful piece of cardstock, draw and cut out the bottom or the stand of the snow globe.
  3. Color your snow globe with the chalk pastels! With some snow, a tree and a snowman you’ll be sure to make an awesome snow globe.
  4. Place the colorful bottom of the snowglobe slightly on top of the black circle.
  5. Use clear contact paper to cover the entire snow globe and press down firmly.
  6. Cut off the edges the excess of clear contact paper, but leave about 1/4 of it edging off the globe.

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