Wild West

John Wayne himself would be impressed at our own Wild West in the Wild Place today!

The kids were able to make their own sherrif’s badges and wanted posters at our arts and crafts tables. Then they were able to learn to lasso a cow! There was some impressive rope-throwing skills out there!

Thanks a bunch to Ms. Candy and the Easton Police Department! Ms. Candy of Ms. Candy’s Animals in Berkley brought her bunnies, goats and chickens out for our very own petting zoo! Ms. Candy from Beverly and specializes in petting zoo’s for local schools, city functions or libraries. She also has a special educational petting zoo!

Easton’s very own policemen also came down for fingerprinting! Kids could meet Easton’s finest and fingerprint their own fingers and learn all about safety.

On the way out (or in) kids were grabbing our special Wild West edition of try it at home and how to talk like a real cowboy (did you know that “calaboose” means jail or that if someone said they were “among the willows” that they were dodging the law?!).

How to Make a Horse!

You’ll need:

1. Stuff your sock (the heel is the back of the head). While you decorate you may want to tie a rubber band around the end so that your stuffing doesn’t fall out.

2. Have fun and decorate (i.e. felt ears, yarn for a mane, etc.)!

3. Put the sock on a pole and have fun!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and partakeing in our rodeo! Make sure to come back for our last Drop-in-Day of the season featuring none other than Ruff Ruffman himself! It’s definitely going to be a blast!

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