Week 2: Go Wild! and Creature Feature Drop-In-Days

This past week all kinds of creatures were creeping, crawling, and flying around at The Children’s Museum in Easton. We had tons of visitors both imaginary and real that live in the wild. The week of animal fun began on Thursday with the Go Wild! Drop-in-Day. Kids participated in the Dino Dig, dissected owl pellets and enjoyed a super fun shows put on by Awesome Robb and Marla Isaac of the New England Reptile and Raptor Exhibits. Friday continued the week of animal adventures with the Creature Feature Drop-In- Day featuring a great hands on program put on by Dean from Curious Creatures and his exotic animal friends.

Awesome Robb’s show was a combination of his Go Wild! puppet friends and some pretty cool magic tricks. Robb’s lizard friend, all the way from Madagascar, kicked off the show by showing us how he changes colors with his moods, he sure can’t hide his feelings, especially when Robb kept yelling BOO! and scaring him until he literally turned brown. He also brought a friend named Floyd. We were expecting a bald eagle as Robb promised but, instead we got a silly and sarcastic duck posing as Floyd who turned out to be very funny with his giant orange beak!
The other part of Awesome Robb’s show taught us all about the environment and how we can do our part to help protect it. Robb even wowed us with some magical recycling tricks like using our own hands and crushing noises to turn a bunch of plastic bottles and containers into a little compacted sheet. He also showed us, using magic, how to literally turn yesterday’s paper into today’s! Robb showed us all the things we can recycle at home along with a really cool book by Sheri Amsel. This book The Everything Kids Environment Book had really cool facts like, it takes 1 million years for a glass bottle to decompose in a landfill, can you believe it? Well I’m not gonna give away all the cool things this book has to offer you’ll have to check it out for yourself.
Later on, Marla Isaac put on a pretty cool show about birds of prey. She too brought some feathered friends with her; only her’s weren’t imaginary! She walked around the audience and got really close to us with some pretty big birds, it was awesome. Seeing the two owls was one of my favorite parts of the show. As we all know owls are nocturnal meaning that they sleep during the day, while all of us are awake, and they come out at night when we are all sleeping! Because of this backwards lifestyle most of us never get to see a real live owl! My favorite part of the show was the Turkey Vulture named Uncle Fester. He was so cool looking with his sleek black body and bright red face. I thought it was amazing when he spread his wings to fly, did you see that wingspan? It was huge! Marla brought along tons of other awesome birds too.
Friday, the fun continued here at the museum with some pretty wild creatures at the Creature Feature Drop-In-Day. Dean from Curious Creatures brought along some slimy, scaly, and even a few furry (and stinky) creatures for us to meet in his exotic animal show. We got to meet all kinds of wild animals that we’ve never seen before! We met an alligator, a lizard and the biggest turtle I have ever seen. Dean also brought a huge hairy spider that crawled all over him and a creepy crawly scorpion, yuck! The cool thing about this program is that we actually got the chance to interact with the animals! Not only did we get to see animals we had never seen (except maybe in a book or on TV), but we could actually get up close and touch them if we wanted. It was a little scary at first but it turned out to be totally awesome! The animals were all very calm and it felt really cool to touch a turtle and see what its shell really feels like. Kids even got the chance to hold a snake, although it took about 10 of them to hold him because his body was so big and heavy. My favorite animal was the alligator, when do you get the chance to see a real live alligator up close? Matt showed us all his big teeth, and held him like it was no big deal, wow he’s brave, the big guy really seemed to like him! Although the alligator looks rough and scaly, really when you touch it he feels smooth and actually kind of soft.

This week was a blast having all these awesome animals visit. But there’s more fun to come as the summer goes on so be sure not to miss out on any of the fun. Come by The Children’s Museum in Easton every Thursday and Friday through August 27th for Summer Drop-In-Days, you don’t want to miss what we have coming up next! For details and a full schedule Click Here!

-Alex Langway
Communications/PR Intern

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