Vote Early and Vote Often!!

I’ll start off with a reminder, PLEASE remember to vote for us in the 2008 Parents’ Picks awards for the Boston and Providence regions. The voting ends tonight and again, we would really appreciate your votes. Remember- more than one email address means more than one opportunity to vote, so spread the word!

Lately, summer thunderstorms have been putting a damper on my plans, as I’m sure is true for parents. Indoor/Outdoor activities are a great solution to your weather blues. What better ‘weather-friendly’ day trip than the Children’s Museum in Easton? We will be kicking off our Summer Drop-in Day programs on July 10th from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm and would love for you and your family to come by! We always hope for outdoor activities, but in the case of rain, they are sometimes moved inside. To top it all off, the kickoff will star Ruff Ruffman from the PBS show FETCH!. We’ll have challenges, activities and CAKE (therefore it is a definite must!) Friday July 11th is our ‘World of Music’ themed drop-in day! Come on over and learn a few simple dances- i’ll be teaching!

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