This week was a lot of fun for me at the museum. For my FETCH! ™ Lab I chose “Make Your Own Thermometer.” Using water, children (even under 5) converted old water bottles into functioning thermometers. The bottle is sealed using clay with a straw sticking through it. Next, food coloring is added for a more thermomterish effect. When the bottle is filled with hot water and placed in cold water the liquid in the straw noticeably goes down!
Check it out here to practice it at home:

Next week we will be constructing a time-honored classic: The marshmallow tower. I think everyone has at one point in school built something out of marshmallows and toothpicks. It’s always a good time.

For February vacation week we are preparing a “Whodunnit?” theme. We have some really amazing activities going on this special week. We are having members of the Beagle Brigade (trained and adorable beagles that work at airports) and an FBI agent come in and speak. We also are being lent a metal detector that will be fun to play with (I think I’m more excited than any kids). The “Whodunnit?” will focus on FETCH! main character Ruff Ruffman, who will lead the children on a scavenger hunt to solve a mystery. The junior detectives will be matching footprints, fibers, DNA, and other forensic tasks like a more age-appropriate CSI. I have a few activities prepared myself, and I will post the Ruff Ruffman storyline on the blog ASAP. Thanks for reading, and let me know your feedback on the museum, the blog, or anything worthwhile.

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