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Summer Social Skills

Summer is a wonderful time to help children develop the social skills necessary to grow into confident adults. Social skills help us interact with others in positive ways. Non-verbal cues make up around 85% of what we communicate to each other. Our mind, body, and language work together to create interactions with others. Evaluation Sociability…

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Kindergarten Readiness

We know summer just started but it’s never too early to start preparing for school! In September, many of your children will be “leaving the nest” and going off on their own for the first time. No, not to college…to kindergarten! For many kids, this will be the first time they spend away from their…

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Selecting a Summer Camp

Have you been enjoying the warm weather? Thinking summer already? School’s going to be out soon enough and that means it is time to think about summer. Many parents look to summer camps to offer a range of activities and playmates for their children during the summer. There are two basic types of camps –…

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