Summer Drop-In-Days Week 4 – A Pirate’s Life for Me and Sports, Health & Fitness

This past week we wrapped up our July Summer Drop-In-Days with an interesting mix. On Thursday, the week was off to a great start as we sail on the open seas with A Pirate’s Life for Me. On Friday we switched gears and put our game faces for Sports, Health & Fitness Day. Our week was filled with some great performances and appearances by some awesome guests. Although we hit a bit of rain in the beginning of our pirate adventure on Thursday that didn’t stop us from having a fun week here at the Museum.

On Thursday everyone came dressed in their pirate best and boy did they look great! All our young mateys here at the Museum sang and danced along as Cap’n Sully and First Mate Jenny McBoo shared their favorite tales from the briny deep. Of course everyone wanted to look more like Cap’n Sully and First Mate Jenny McBoo so all our little landlubbers were making eye patches and cool pirate flags so they could set sail on their own imaginary sea adventures at home too.

On Friday we switched gears and put on our game faces as we prepared for a day filled with Sports, Health & Fitness here at the Museum. There were tons of cool games and special guests for all kinds of sports! Our favorite mascot from The Brockton Rox, KO, started off the day with some warm ups. Not only is he the coolest mascot around, but his stretches and exercises really helped prepare us for a day filled with all kinds of sports activities and challenges. Thank KO, we couldn’t have done it with out you!

All day long kids participated in the Gentle Giant Staircase Challenge. I know what you’re thinking, it looks kind of scary but its actually not! Once you do it once you want to keep doing it over and over. You race to the top of the staircase and then slide down the giant slide, its so much fun and you might not realize it, but its great exercise too!

The Boston Blazers Lacrosse team had a booth set up all day long giving out all kinds of cool stuff. The best part was the real lacrosse goal they had set up to shoot on all day to win prizes. I definitely am going to check out some of their games once their season starts again and you should too, so visit their website to see when they start up again, maybe you can even catch a practice!

We ended the day of fitness fun with a member of The Boston Breakers women’s soccer team. She gave us lost of game-time tips and answered any questions we had for her. She showed us how awesome girls in sports can be. I would definitely check our some of their games, there are still a few more this summer right in Boston at Harvard Stadium so check out their website for a schedule!

If you missed out on our Summer Drop-In-Days for the Month of July don’t fret because they continue Thursdays and Fridays through August 27. We have some of your favorite days back for a second time and some new totally awesome new days you don’t want to miss! Visit our website to learn more and see a full schedule of upcomming Summer Drop-In-Days.
-Alex Langway
Communications/PR Intern

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