Social Distance Learning: Snake Charmer

Project: The Snake Charmer
Video Tutorial: snake charmer
According to Irish legend, St. Patrick banished all the snakes from the country. To this day, not a single one can be found there!
1. Trace a cup or small plate onto a piece of tissue paper, then draw a spiral pattern starting at the edge of the circle into the center of the tissue paper so it looks like a snake.
2. Cut your snake out. Find a latex balloon or a “magic” wand. This could be a ruler, comb or similar item.
3. Rub the balloon or wand on a piece of nylon, wool or try your clothes.
4. Hold your balloon or wand above your tissue. Does it move?
How does it work?
Static Electricity! You can create static electricity by rubbing two objects against each other. The rubbing creates a negative charge carried by electrons. Static electricity is a build up of these electrons!
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