Social Distance Learning: Fabulous Flowers

Project: Fabulous Flowers
Video Tutorial: fab flowers
Pretty soon these beauties will be popping up in garden beds all over! In the meantime, you can make your own using supplies you can find in the kitchen and around the house.
1. Find some cupcake liners. If they aren’t already colorful, feel free to add your own designs to them with markers.
2. Glue them to a piece of paper. You can glue a few or maybe your garden is full of blooms!
3. Cut strips of green paper (or you could use pipe cleaners, thin ribbon or yarn) to make the stems. Glue them to your paper, then add leaves. You could cut them from some paper or maybe you can even draw them on.
4. Decorate the inside of the cupcake liner flower. We used sequins, but you could use beads, scraps of colorful paper, stickers, or pom-poms.

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