Social Distance Learning Project: Recycled Bird Feeder

These are super easy for kids of all ages and abilities to create, and you shouldn’t feel limited to using a paper towel tube. Be creative and see what else you can use as a base for the feeder – and share your photos with us!
Video Tutorial: bird feeder
Paper towel tube, birdseed, peanut butter or shortening, a plate, a dull knife, and some yarn.
1. Spread bird seed onto a paper plate and set it aside.
2. Cut a piece of yarn about 18” long, for each bird feeder and set aside.
3. Use a knife to spread peanut butter (or shortening) on the outside of a paper tube.
4. Roll the paper tube onto the bird seed, pressing gently so the seed sticks to the peanut butter or shortening.
5. Feed the yarn through the tube and tie a knot at the end. Hang it from a branch in a nearby tree for the birds to enjoy.
Encourage your little ones to become naturalists! Have them take photos and make drawings of some of the birds that come into your yard to feed. It is fun and educational to see which birds are most attracted to your seed. Cardinals, sparrows, chickadees, nuthatches, juncos, goldfinches and sparrows are some common visitors in the northeast.
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