Social Distance Learning Project: Cup Towers

Project: Cup Tower
Today’s challenge is simple. Create the world’s tallest cup tower in 30 minutes. Ready? Go!
Although this seems easy, it’s really not. Lots of things can go wrong, but this is what makes this STEAM activity so great. STEAM challenges give every child the opportunity to be a successful contributor in the problem-solving process; it’s an empowering way of teaching. Whether working solo or with siblings, Cup Tower can occupy a lot of time and can be adapted in different ways!
 1.  Using a bunch of paper or plastic cups, try to build the tallest tower you can. Think about the foundation and how it will have to be designed to support the weight of the upper layers. Have a step stool at the ready—it may be needed!
Tape off a section of hard flooring as the work area. You could also use a hula hoop. If more than one child is participating, turn it into a competitive build-off where design flair – not necessarily height – is a key factor.
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