Penguin Pencil Holder

These adorable penguin pencil holders are the perfect addition to your kid’s learning space at home!

You’ll need: one tin can per penguin you make, black construction paper, scraps of white, orange and pink paper, a pen, scissors, tape and a glue stick


  1. First, measure out the black construction paper. You need it to be high enough to cover the tin can and long enough to wrap around the tin can once, plus a little extra.
  2. Using the other construction paper colors, cut out the penguin’s features. A white oval for the body, two orange hearts for feet, a triangular orange beak, two eyes and two rosy cheeks with the pink paper.
  3. Glue the penguin’s body parts to the center of the black paper.
  4. Add a strip of tape to one end of the black paper (height way) and tape it to the back of your tin can. Wrap it around the can and secure it with another piece of tape.
  5. Now add your writing utensils and you’ve got yourself a penguin pencil holder!

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