Paper Pinwheel

Constructing paper pinwheels helps kids learn about the power of breath and air!

You’ll need: scissors, a pencil, a ruler, one piece of square shaped paper, 1 straw, 1 pushpin and masking tape


  1. With a ruler, mark the center of your paper with a pencil and then use your ruler to draw a diagonal line from each corner of the paper, halfway to the center dot.
  2. Cut along the diagonal lines.
  3. Fold every other point into the center dot and put a pushpin through the paper.
  4. Push the remainder of the pushpin through a straw and cover it with masking tape to prevent the pushpin from hurting any fingers.
  5. Now you can hold your pinwheel by the straw and test it out!

Thanks to our official STEAM Education sponsor, National Grid, for sponsoring this activity.

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